Preparing to Remove Tile

The First Step on every project is to protect our customer’s property from dust and debris.  On this project, you can see the taped seams on the doors to keep dust from entering other rooms in the home.


Preparing to remove thin-setThe Second Step is to Remove the old tile, which can take anywhere from several hours to several days depending on the level of difficulty.  Bond strength, time restrictions, loading arrangements, and even traffic all play a role.



Preparing to install tileThe Third Step is to Remove the old cement and adhesives.  This is important for bonding purposes and also to see the condition of the slab to determine if anti-fracture or moisture barrier membranes are necessary.



Installation Methods and MaintenanceThe Final Step is to determine an installation method according to the concrete and size of the tile.  This slab was good enough to give us a choice and the maximum size of 20 X 20 inches allowed us to use thinset methods which kept costs down .

Due to the lower absorption rate of porcelain tile, bonding agents must be added to the cost.



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