Ceramic Tile Removal, Preparation, and Installation?

These photos show the effects of foundational movement over a period of 20 years.  This could have been prevented with anti-fracture membranes during initial preparation stages of installation.

Cracks from foundation cracking Cracks from foundation cracking Cracks from foundation cracking

With professional maintenance, including cleaning, staining, and sealing, coupled with proper care, ceramics can last a lifetime.  Replacement would not have been necessary.

Some Ceramics and Porcelain Tiles look identical.  The difference is in the clay and temperature, in many applications, we find ceramics much more suitable than porcelain or glass, due to their soft, porous nature.

As in this application, replacing the old tile in a Jacuzzi with new pretty blue ceramic.

Ceramic Tile Installation

 Thanks to our dear customers in Plantation, FL.

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